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Riko - the Kempinski complex in Minsk
Riko is entrusted with the construction of a prestigious complex, which will be located in the historical centre of the Belarusian capital. The complex includes a five star Kempinski Hotel (22,765 m²), 81 residential units (14,431 m²), offices (14,926 m²) as well as parking and support facilities (23,411 m²). The construction of a modern multifunctional complex with a Kempinski Hotel will contribute to the further development of hoteliering activities at the highest level and provide new impetus to tourism activities in the high business class hotel standard category, the highest to date in Minsk and Belarus.
Riko is building an elevator in Planica
We at Riko have been awarded the public tender for constructing the inclined elevator in the Planica Sports Centre, which is undergoing general renovation and infrastructural extension. With its integrated approach to engineering, we will supply the technology, construction and installation of the inclined elevator. It will enable talented ski jumpers to benefit from enhanced training on the five ski-jumps.
House near Milan
Riko hiše
With its great demand for wooden buildings, Slovenia's neighbour Italy is proving that ecological directives are not just a passing trend, but also a sustainable movement. Wood is the material of choice when it comes to building healthy and environmentally friendly houses.
Cooperation with the Ukrainian company VAZ
This year, Riko is successfully penetrating the promising Ukrainian market. Our partner alliance with prestigious Ukrainian companies such as TURBOATOM and HYDROSILA has been complemented by the Volchansk Aggregate Plant VAZ. Riko will supply VAZ with technological equipment for the mechanical treatment of castings.
Kekec kindergarten shortlisted for the WAN Award in the “Colour” category
Riko hiše
The colourful Kekec kindergarten in Ljubljana built by Riko Hiše has been shortlisted for the World Architecture News (WAN) Award. The WAN Awards enjoy a worldwide reputation and are given each year in London. This year, 846 applications from 51 countries were submitted and evaluated in twelve different categories – of which four interior design categories - by an international jury. The Kekec kindergarten applied in the “Colour” category that has been included for the first time. The evaluation criteria were originality, innovation, natural sustainability and the broader context in which colours are used.
The Prototype D.E.A.R.S house is under construction!
Starck with Riko
The innovative concept of designer, sustainable and technologically advanced D.E.A.R.S house will soon come to life and will be made available to all who appreciate the symbiosis of aesthetics and ecology..
Riko modular house in Japan
Riko hiše
At the initiative of the Slovenian Foreign Ministry and in cooperation with the Bigbox company, we have built a house in the town of Higashimatsushima to improve the poor residential conditions in the region affected by the tsunami. We are proud to have been able to share our knowledge and experience to the benefit of Japan, whose east coast was hit by a huge natural disaster.
"Slovenian know-how conquers Europe”
Riko hiše
Thus read the title of an article on our company Riko Hiše which appeared in the renowned French magazine Eco Maison Bois. Eco Maison Bois is considered one of the leading publications on wood architecture in France presenting the most recent trends as well as successful French and international wood house builders and their achievements. We at Riko Hiše are proud that our working concept, architectural ideas and our references have met with the approval of the specialist magazine. In its last edition, Eco Maison Bois dedicated five pages to Riko Hiše showing our construction system and some of our representative wood buildings.
Riko is constructing CERO in Zasavje
Regijski center za ravnanje z odpadki CEROZ II. faza
Riko will be in charge of the construction of a Regional waste management centre CEROZ II. phase, located in Hrastnik (in the area of Unično), to be used by three municipalities of Zasavje – Litija, Zagorje, Hrastnik and the municipality Radeče. It shall be handed over to the client by the end of 2013.
Great feedback from the Artecasa trade fair in Lugano
Riko hiše
Together with our Swiss partner, we participated in the Artecasa October trade fair in Lugano, Switzerland. Despite its local nature – the fair exhibits a wide range of furniture and interiors - we were able to attract new Swiss customers and investors.
New contract with Ukrainian Turboatom
Riko will provide Ukrainian Turboatom with a sandblasting machine VK 4500 x 3500 MS . The contract of purchase was signed by Janez Škrabec, Director of the company Riko d.o.o., and Viktor Georgevič Subotin, General manager of the company Turboatom, at the headquarters of the company in Kharkiv. The honorary consul of Slovenia in Kharkiv, Mr. Anatolij Mihajlovič Bondarenko, was also present at the signing and he is known for encouraging business cooperation between Slovenia and Ukraine.
A wooden duplex house in Luxembourg is completed
Riko hiše
Leseni dvojček v vasi Dondelange na listu papirja
Dondelange is a small village not far from the capital of Luxemburg. For about two months, the attention of both the inhabitants and visitors of this village has been focused on the construction of an attractive wooden duplex house. It was built by Riko Hiše based on the plan of a prominent architectural bureau STEINMETZ DE MEYER and an order from our business partner, the HAUSING real estate agency of Luxemburg, with which we share a sustainable philosophy as well as many plans for the future. The construction of wooden duplex houses is always an interesting experience, and as ambassadors of ecological, low energy and above all pleasant and comfortable residential culture, we are happy to share that with anyone who is interested in sustainable and ambientally unique construction.
The Lakes in the limelight of the media
Riko hiše
Jade Jagger pred lesenimi hišami, pod katere se podpisuje kot oblikovalka. Foto: Telegraph
At the Riko company, we are proud to be able to participate in the project The Lakes. We are building a luxury housing estate with 160 houses according to the plans of Philipp Starck and Jade Jagger in the idyllic village of Cotswolds near London. Meanwhile as many as 40 have been built and offer much living comfort to their occupants.
Works on CERO Slovenska Bistrica have begun
Riko, along with partners Granit d.d. Slovenska Bistrica and Drava vodnogospodarsko podjetje d.d. Ptuj, have been selected and hired as contractors for the project CERO Slovenska Bistrica. Our responsibilities entail planning, purchasing of equipment, construction, a test run of the facility, its handing over for operations and management of the project. The construction works have begun today.
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