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29. 6. 2011
Open day at Riko Hiše

Open day at Riko Hiše

We are inviting you to spend an afternoon with us in Ribnica and at the Škrabec homestead in Hrovača, on Wednesday, 6 July 2011. We will open the doors of our company Riko hiše between 12.00-20.00 to all of you who are interested in and enthusiastic about wood constructions. At 20.00 our gathering will be rounded off by a performance of the Koroski Belarus State Dance Ensemble on the stage of Ribnica castle.

Welcome in our company on Wednesday, 6 July 2011, in Ribnica!

From to , we will be pleased and honoured to present you the Riko construction system and will be available for all of your queries. You will be able to see the production process, get informed of the Riko construction system and learn interesting facts on wood and the Ribnica’s tradition in woodcraft and wood processing. Experts from the Sparkasse bank will also be available to inform you on eco loans.


At the same time, the Škrabec homestead in Hrovača – Riko’s museum and a well-known cultural meeting point – will be open as well. There you can have a look at the wooden barn constructed according to the Riko system and, nearby, a wooden residential house by Riko will also open its doors to the interested public.


We have taken special care in preparing the evening program: the open day at Riko hiše will be rounded off by presentations of architects, a creative corner for kids, Istenič sparkling wines and eco delicacies, as well as performances by the local drama group Radio Mlajka and the exceptional Koroski Belarus State Dance Ensemble.



12.00 - 20.00  Welcome to Riko hiše company and the Škrabec homestead in Hrovača. 

Sparkasse bank experts will also be attending and at your disposal.


17.30  Everything you really wanted to know but were not told.

Tabloid reporting on Riko hiše broadcast by Radio Mlajku.


18.00  Wood in contemporary architecture (20 min presentation)

Dr. Manja Kitek Kuzman, architect, lecturer at the Faculty of Biotechnology and expert in wood construction


18.30 Playful wood constructions for kids: taking the example of the Jelka and Kekec  kindergartens (20 min presentation)

Jure Kotnik, architect and project manager of the kindergartens constructed according to the Riko construction system


19.00  Wood between tradition and innovation: Podkoren house (20 min presentation)

Aleš Vrhovec, one of the two gregorc-vrhovec architects who designed the house in Podkoren built according to the Riko construction system.


20.00  Dance show of the Koroski Belarus Dance Ensemble at the castle in the town centre of Ribnica. 

The Koroski dance group have taken their name from a Belarus village in the of Mogilev district, where the age-old folk dance called Gusariki is still alive and has become one of the attractions of their performance. The grand choreography of Valentina Gayeva with temperamental rhythms, virtuoso dancers with brilliant dance solos, and the technical perfection of the highly polished performance take the audience’s breath away and are sure to be followed by standing ovations. Their warm, joyful and entertaining show has opened the hearts of the worldwide public.

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