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19. 4. 2011
The Prototype D.E.A.R.S house is under construction!

The innovative concept of designer, sustainable and technologically advanced D.E.A.R.S house will soon come to life and will be made available to all who appreciate the symbiosis of aesthetics and ecology.

The natural environment of the historic Versailles became the birthplace for the Prototype D.E.A.R.S house. A secluded hill surrounded by lush trees that protect its privacy and serenity is becoming the first arena in which values ​​of the revolutionary concept of SWR are now coming to life.

The first D.E.A.R.S house, totaling 350m2 in size, will boast a spacious master bedroom and additional four rooms, each with its own pertaining bathroom, all featured on the first floor. The ground floor will feature a spacious kitchen, dining and living area, all merged in a single open space that will lead on to the winter garden. This lounge area will then have direct access to the terrace with a swimming pool hidden amidst the trees.

The foundation of the first Starck with Riko house has been set. The steel structure will be placed onto it, which will be followed by installation of wooden partition walls and energy-efficient glass facade.

Read what Philippe Starck had to say about D.E.A.R.S houses to the Montreal media La presse at the recent Milano Design Week.

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