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2. 9. 2013
A new Kempinski hotel complex with a strong Slovenian component
At today’s opening ceremony of the 2013 Bled Strategic Forum Janez Škrabec, the manager of Riko, Branko Selak, the manager of Marmor Hotavlje, Aleksander Polovič, the Chairman of Board in Stilles and Kristijan Petek, the manager of Klima Petek, signed a Cooperation Treaty for the construction of the prestigious Kempinski hotel complex in Minsk. The contract between Riko as general operator of the Kempinski project and the companies Marmor Hotavlje, Stilles and Klima Petek was signed in presence of our Minister of Foreign Affairs Karl Erjavec and His Excellency Aliaksandr Khainouski, the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Slovenia.

Riko as project promoter wants to spice up the project by adding a unique Slovenian note to the implementation process. The Slovenian companies Marmor Hotavlje, Stilles and Klima Petek managed to defeat their cut-neck European competitors and convince the Kempinski hotel chain, the HBA interior design studio and the project investor with their competitive offer, great technical solutions and the high quality sample room they have presented.

Marmor Hotavlje was engaged in this project from the beginning, for it was hired by Riko to construct the hotel’s stone facade. After signing this contract Marmor Hotavlje will be given a new mission; it will do the ceramics and stone carving in the standard rooms of the new hotel. Silles will be entrusted with the entire interior design of the first (out of two) series of standard rooms and Klima Petek will install the smoke and heat outlet segment and take care of the hotel ventilation system. In the near future Klima Petek and IMP Hidria will apply to take care of the hotel’s fire protection and air-conditioning.  

Riko believes that giving its projects a Slovenian touch is the basic principle for the implementation of complex projects in foreign countries. In order to transfer this idea to the discussed project, Riko engaged all participants i.e. the project leaders, interior designers and contractors and adapted the idea of incorporating a Slovenian component to the requirements and expectations of the investor who has been regularly testing the products and production capacities.   

The prestigious Kempinski project (full size of the hotel complex is 70.000 m2) is currently the biggest construction project of the Slovenian company Riko d.o.o. The main contractor (Riko d.o.o.) and his chosen local subcontractors have already finished the reinforced concrete construction of the facilities and arranged the energy source connectors, have just started glazing the facilities and are working on the natural stone ventilated facade in cooperation with Marmor Hotavlje. As foreseen, the hotel will be handed over to the contract giver in the spring of 2014.

»With its complex projects Riko is gaining ground on the markets of the Former Soviet Union and the Former Republic of Yugoslavia and its mission is to incorporate a strong and recognizable Slovenian component into huge and reference projects. I am convinced that the Kempinski hotel complex will carry the stamp of excellent Slovenian manufacturers just like the Peter I hotel in the centre of Moscow or the hydroelectric power plant Sveta Petka in Macedonia. I am pleased that Riko’s two other big projects i.e. the construction of the Ivanovo textile mill and the construction of the diesel engine manufacturing company in Zvezda in the Russian Federation are making such a good progress, for this is the key to new opportunities in the field of Slovenian technological equipment and product integration”, pointed out Riko’s Director Janez Škrabec.

At the 9th session of the intergovernmental Slovenian-Russian Commission for trade, economy, science and technical cooperation Riko from Slovenia and Zvezda from St. Petersburg signed a contract for the design and construction of a manufacturing company for new diesel engines with maximum power of 1800 kW. The preparations of the financial plan are soon to be finished and the technological solutions for the factory’s technology and design in preparation. The foundation stone of the special fabric textile mill in the Ivanovo Oblast in the Russian Federation will be laid this week, on 5 September to be exact. As foreseen, Riko will start with the constructions end of while the financial preparations are already in progress. The contract between Riko and the investor was signed in the premises of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia to the Russian Federation in May. Our Minister for Foreign Affairs Karl Erjavec and the Russian Minister for relations and mass communication Nikolaj Nikiforo met at the Strmol castle end of July and added this project to the priority list in order to increase the bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries.

Janez Škrabec added that for winning complex projects on international markets and fighting off the cut-neck competition companies require the support of the economic diplomacy. »I would like to compliment the specific endeavours of Karl Erjavec who as competent Minister is well aware of our mission’s importance. My compliments also to all ambassadors who are carefully monitoring the events and opportunities that could help Slovenian companies enter the international markets.”


Janez Škrabec, Riko and Branko Selak, Marmor Hotavlje
Janez Škrabec, Riko and Branko Selak, Marmor Hotavlje
Janez Škrabec, Riko and  Aleksander Polovič, Stilles
Janez Škrabec, Riko and  Aleksander Polovič, Stilles
Janez Škrabec, Riko and Kristijan Petek, Klima Petek
Janez Škrabec, Riko and Kristijan Petek, Klima Petek
Janez Škrabec, Riko and Karl Erjavec, Minister for Foreign Affairs
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The P.A.T.H. premiere by SwR

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New transformer stations in Minsk

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The purification plant in Radlje ob Dravi has just been opened

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Successful and Highly Respected

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Grand Opening of New Trasformer Stations in Minsk

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Hydraulic Press for the MAZ

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Entering New Markets: Moldova

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Construction Work on the Markovec Tunnel

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Riko the second most successful company in Slovenia

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Škrabec Honoured with the Russian Medal of Honour

The Chairman of the Managing Committee in Stilles Aleksander Polovič, Riko’s Director Janez Škrabec
24. 1. 2014

The Contract Between Riko and Stilles Signed

23. 12. 2013

Grand Opening of Two Transformer Stations in Minsk

22. 10. 2013

The New Kindergarten in Ribnica Opened its Doors

11. 9. 2013

The foundation stone of the Ivanovo textile mill

Slovenia’s President Borut Pahor visited Sv. Petka, foto: STA
17. 7. 2013

President Pahor visits St. Petka

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Riko in charge of the wastewater draining and cleaning project in Cerknica and Rakek

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Janez Škrabec - this year’s second most eminent Manager

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Riko in charge of the environmental protection projects in Grosuplje and Ivančna Gorica

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Riko among the best in 2012

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Construction contract for the Ivanovo textile mill

Brane Sever, Marmor Hotavlje, Ivan Ivanovič Brutski, Elite Estate, in Janez Škrabec, Riko, contract
22. 5. 2013

Marmor Hotavlje for Kempinski

Janez Škrabec, direktor Rika, in Jože Levstek
24. 4. 2013

Construction contract for the second phase of the kindergarten in Ribnica

Nagrajenci Zlate niti 2012
22. 3. 2013

Riko – best employer

5. 3. 2013

Janez Škrabec – President of the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Economics

Hrvoje Drašković, managing director of Energetike Ljubljana, and Janez Škrabec,  managing director of Riko Group
22. 2. 2013

Riko signed a contract for replacement of boilers and burners

14. 2. 2013

Riko and MAG supplying for MAZ

7. 1. 2013

The construction of the Kempinski complex in Minsk is in progress

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Riko entrusted with the construction of a wastewater draining and treatment system in Carinthia

New factory Zvezda in St. Petersburgh
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Riko signed a contract with the Russian Zvezda

Ribniški vrtec
24. 9. 2012

Ribnica`s kindergarten construction in full swing!

1. 8. 2012

Successful grand opening of the Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant on the Treska River

30. 7. 2012

The grand opening of the Sveta Petka hydroelectric power plant on the Treska River in Macedonia will take place on Wednesday.

24. 7. 2012

Rico donates the Iconotheca Valvasoriana to the National Library of Belarus

9. 7. 2012

Foundation stone laid for new kindergarten in Ribnica

18. 6. 2012

Riko and Škrabec among the most respected names

30. 5. 2012

New Partnership in the Global Race

Mr Jože Levstek, Mayor of the Municipality of Ribnica, and Mr Janez Škrabec, Director of Rico, have signed a contract to start the first phase of building a new kindergarten in Ribnica.
13. 5. 2012

Riko will build a kindergarten in Ribnica

9. 5. 2012

Mr Škrabec alongside Prime Minister Erdoğan

7. 5. 2012

Sewerage system and treatment plant in Litija and Šmartno

16. 4. 2012

Construction of new transformer stations

20. 2. 2012

Riko - the Kempinski complex in Minsk

25. 10. 2011

Riko is building an elevator in Planica

Janez Škrabec, CEO of Riko,and  Gennadiy Kernes, mayor of Harkov signing the letter of intent for the reengineering  of the system of treatment of waste waters, photo: Stanko Gruden
12. 10. 2011

Letters of intent have been signed

23. 9. 2011

Cooperation with the Ukrainian company VAZ

Regijski center za ravnanje z odpadki CEROZ II. faza
17. 8. 2011

Riko is constructing CERO in Zasavje

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New contract with Ukrainian Turboatom

27. 7. 2011

Works on CERO Slovenska Bistrica have begun

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Belarus evening

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Riko to build in Radeče

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Morocco’s traditions and prospects

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First Assembly of the Slo-Rus Business Council

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Škrabec ranking second among the top CEOs in Slovenia

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Janez Škrabec in Obrazi magazine

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First contract with Hydrosila

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Signature of contract with Kolektor Etra

Gradnja Čistilne naprave Volkovo
3. 5. 2011

Construction of Volkovo sewage works progressing

3. 5. 2011

Visit of Macedonian journalists to Sveta Petka

22. 4. 2011

Among the sponsors of the Ljubljana Festival

20. 4. 2011

Janez Škrabec proclaimed as the best CEO

Eduard Vaino
18. 4. 2011

E. Vaino as head of the Rus-Slo Business Council

18. 4. 2011

Assembly work at Avtodizel

25. 3. 2011

Škrabec in the Slo-Rus Business Council

Hydroelectric Power Plant Sv. Petka
11. 3. 2011

Minister Žbogar visits HE Sveta Petka

4 days for Europe
2. 3. 2011

Janez Škrabec - “4 days for Europe”

Power Engineering Field in Belarus
24. 2. 2011

Power Engineering Field in Belarus

Beloruski Volat in Gomselmash
18. 2. 2011

Activities at Volat and Gomselmash

Water Supply System in Bela Krajina
11. 2. 2011

Construction of the Water Supply System in Bela Krajina

Hydroelectric Power Plant in Macedonia
17. 1. 2011

Bringing the construction of a Hydroelectric Power Plant in Macedonia to completion

The Foundation Stone for the Volkovo Waste Water Treatment Plant
18. 12. 2010

The Foundation Stone for the Volkovo Waste Water Treatment Plant

17. 12. 2010

Exhibition from the Riko Fine Arts Collection

Janez Škrabec - the First Patron of the Year
4. 10. 2010

Janez Škrabec - the First Patron of the Year

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